Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eating on The Farm in Val D'Isere: Restaurant L'Etable d'Alain

Do you like cheese? I mean really, really like it? How about cream, cheese and pork products? If so, The Farm is for you. Owned by the same family that owns our hotel, several stores and god knows what else here, Restaurant L'Etable d'Alain, also known as the Fromagerie, is an easy walk from the center of Val d'isere. They can be reached at 04 79 41 10 85. Located next to the family dairy barn, there are several windows in which you can see the cows (and, believe it or not, occasionally a bull) do their thing. The decor is "rustic Alpine France" and is fun, if kitsch. We brought the six kids, and were not alone. Its a bit noisy, and the noise of your children will not harm the overall atmosphere.

The clear favorite here is a combination of the cheesy items. Raclette (pictured above), fondue, tartiflette and even a melted Vacherin were all quite tasty. The raclette and fondue are served with bread, boiled potatoes and charcuterie. As opposed to many restaurants in France, when they say for four you can easily feed five! The kids had beef fondue, which was clearly a favorite of the kids. Fortunately, no one was burned.

They also serve a variety of meat dishes. We tried the duck, which everyone liked but me (thats 5 to 1, for those keeping count). There is also steak, sausage, etc.

The food is so rich here I do not see how you could eat it more than once on your trip. However, it is so worth that one time! And if you pace yourself correctly, you may want to head back.

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