Thursday, February 07, 2008

I Sit Up Close: Rangers Still Lose

I went with a friend to the game tonight 3rd row behind the net. Quite the View! Unfortunately, as soon as practice ended and the Star Spangled Banner was sung, the Rangers went right back to sleep, even as I was enjoying the waiter service (the Ranch One comes to you!). Lundqvist again looked off in this 4-1 loss, although the defense was of no help on several of the shots. Oh yeah, and there were some fights, which the Rangers won. It was fun to watch men batter each other, but not as much fun as watching the team you route for actually put the puck in the net and stop the other team from doing the same. And the one bad thing about sitting up close is your fellow seatmates are quite polite: I admit to missing the blood curdling screams of joy as Colton Orr dropping Anaheim goon George Parros.

The Rangers next game is on the road, and not a minute to soon. Like the Giants, they seem to do better there.

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