Sunday, March 30, 2008

Conch Scoops: A little out of the way in Key West

Greetings from New York! I have just returned from a trip down in Key West. Key West has gotten much more crowded over the years, but there are still some places to eat that seem to be unknown to most. One of those places is the ice cream and sandwich store "Conch Scoops." This is likely because its in a strip mall at 3214 N Roosevelt Blvd(tel 305-295-3080)and not in historic old town. But, with Stock Island becoming more popular, and with its convenient location next to Champs sports and Publix, its certainly a place we end up at often enough. The ice cream at Conch Scoops is fine: its Edy's. But thats not why we go: we go for the Cuban Sandwich. For an Island with a strong Cuban heritage, a good Cuban sandwich can be hard to find in Old Town. Also, an inexpensive and good cafe con leche. This one is tasty, as is their Mac and Cheese. If you are heading into town and need something to eat without dealing with the crowds, or if you are going out and want to eat something before that long drive on Route 1, consider a stop at Conch Scoops.

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