Monday, March 31, 2008

Rangers Beat Penguins in OT: Lundqvist Looks Great

After Chris Drury scored the wining goal in OT, the Rangers moved into 5th place in the Eastern Conference with three games left to play. The Division is so tight that despite this, the Rangers still need to win or tie one more game to ensure themselves a playoff spot at all. The three remaining games promise to be quite exciting, and I am especially excited about Friday's closer at the Garden.

Not that I'm not worried. But you want the team going into the playoffs on a high note. If they keep 5th place, they'll get to play the Devils, whom they have not lost to this year. Thats a high note!

One other thing. While I was away on my multi state journey last week, the NY Times came out with an article about how some fans were upset that people chanted "Ho-mo Larry" when Dancing Larry danced. In fact, the Rangers have not put Larry on the Jumbotron since the article. While I do not condone what people scream, the current plan by MSG is not working.

Instead of Larry, who dances poorly to "Everybody Dance Now" by C and C Music Factory, MSG has been showing "Dancing Granny" dance when the Rangers are winning at the end of the third period. Dancing Granny, who has been around for a couple of years, dances to Gloria Estephan's "Lets Get Loud" and is clearly not a favorite of the Larry fans (who of course are the same people who call him "Homo Larry."). Today, while she was dancing, many of the Rangers fan upstairs started chanting "Homo Granny" at the top of her lungs, either out of frustration with MSG's refusal to put Larry back or in the hopes that people would complain and she would go away (one of the guys behind proposed this theory).

Although I wish people wouldn't scream "Homo Larry" I have to admit that it seems sort of unfair to punish Larry for what people call him. After all, according to Wikipedia, it started happening when a woman tried to get in Larry's spotlight and he pushed her away. I must admit to not remembering this incident (and I sit right in front of Larry's section) but maybe I missed that game. And if its on the internet it must be true! I'll let you know how the Garden faithful react, although my prediction is not one of tolerance and proper speech for others.

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