Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Food Cart on 86th and Broadway: Looks Good!

I noticed the cart a few days ago. Big and silver, it came in the evening and parked on the South side of 86th Street, near Broadway. So, after going to Citibank today to curse their existence and to retrieve some money, I felt the lure of the big silver truck, incidentally called "Palomino Halal Food" and headed over. They sell chicken, lamb, gyro and shish kabob either over rice or in a sandwich. They also have felafel and even fish. I bought a gyro-pita, with all the trimmings, white sauce and hot sauce. It was excellent. Tastes suspiciously like schwarmma. And $4.00 Even better. As if this wasn't enough, they sell hot dogs and sausage (Halal??) as well.

Since Eden Roc closed to become Coach some time ago, I have missed mid-eastern street food here on the Upper West Side. I am glad its back. And though I like "A Hummus Place" they are strictly vegetarian.


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Ira.B said...

Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the tip!

Ira B.