Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rincon de Espana: A Good Place To Eat In Bayone, NJ

I'm sorry I haven't written much recently: I have been working a bit too much during the week and spending my weekends at peewee hockey and therefore haven't had a chance to cook or go out much. I have now memorized the menu at Land Thai Kitchen.

This weekend has been no exception. I have just returned from Bayonne, NJ, where boy number one played 7 hockey games in a day a half. I was there till almost 11 PM last night. Fortunately, the tournament, and the hockey season, is now over (for now).

When you are stuck in a place all day, it makes some sense to find out the best places to eat. For lunch, we were steered to a diner, which was appropriately called "The Bayonne Diner." While the space is a little cramped, with very low ceilings, the food was perfectly adequate. Its nothing you haven't eaten before, for better and for worse.

I was not going back to the Bayonne Diner for dinner. Fortunately, one of the guys at the rink told me that there was a good Spanish place a few blocks away. Thus, me, two other dads, boy #1 and three other 11 year old boys ended up at Rincon de Espana, which is located at 616 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002 (201-823-0660). We were not disappointed, and, if you need to have dinner in Bayonne, neither will you.

The place reminds me of the restaurants that used to line 23rd street in Chelsea back in the day: a bar in front with a few tables scattered about and a large dining room decorated in early twentieth century Spanish Restaurant. There was no problem seating 7 of us quickly, although the restaurant did fill by 7:30 or so.

There is a large collection of traditional Spanish dishes such as paella. There is an extensive collection of meat and fish dishes. For a little over $20, you can get a 2 pound sirloin steak. The restaurant happily allowed us to order two of these for the four boys and even split them up for us prior to serving it to them. I had the Paella, which I thought was quite good. One other adult had the fillet mignon, which looked good and was a huge portion. In fact, all portions were huge, even the chorizo appetizer I was told was "small." Ha. We also had mussels and a shrimp dish, all of which were good. You get soup, vegetables and fried potato slices with your meal as well. They also wrap to go when you have been beaten by the meal. But you can't beat the price!

We didn't have time for dessert: hockey called us back. But when I end up back for an evening in Bayonne, and I will, I will be thinking of Rincon de Espana. And so will the boys.

Link: Staten Island Live has a review, which includes a pretty good picture of the steak the boys had in it as well a a more detailed review of the available dishes.


Robin said...

There are lots of unexpectedly good Spanish restaurants in northern NJ. There's also the whole Ironbound section in Newark (Portuguese food).
I was in Anaheim, California last week, where even the off-site Disney restaurants are Disney-ized. But still it was instructional -- who knew there were "restaurant malls," shopping centers filled with sit-down, chain eateries?
One night, after some research on Chowhound, we wound up a few minutes down the road in Little Persia, at a restaurant called Hatam, Amazing chicken kabobs, and the group fell in love with the mole-like Fesenjon, a sauce made of walnuts and pomegranate, served with boiled chicken breast.
On the way to the airport heading back to NY, we convinced our driver to stop at In-And-Out Burger, which we found to be a step up from McDonald's but not a transcendent experience.

Ira.B said...

i didn't know. do they have organic toilet paper?

there are several excellent persian restaurants in queens: we should go soon.

ira b.

Anonymous said...

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Ira.B said...

robots are clearly loving me.