Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And There Was Yet More Sadness

Its bad when you know you're team looks whipped. And tonight, in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden, the Rangers looked weak. Lundqvist let in 5 goals, some the result of poor defense and some just "cheap." The Rangers offense had 37 shots on goal, but Fleury, the Penguins goaltender, made save after save. Even good shots, and there were good shots, were turned aside or frozen.

The crowd started the game ready to cheer. The Garden was boisterous, and balloons rained down after the National Anthem, which was not sung by John Amirante. I was wearing a new "I am a Ranger" t-shirt, as I am a bit concerned that my Shanahan Jersey in jinxed in the Playoffs. But Pittsburgh scored quickly, and the Rangers never had the lead. The crowd tried, but with three minutes left in the third and down two goals, people started leaving. No Larry, no granny, no nothing.

We in section 314 have been through this before, and although I hope for a miracle, will likely go through this again. Its been a long, good hockey year, and hopefully Thursday won't be the end of it.

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