Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rangers Beat Pittsburgh: Keeps Hope Alive

The Rangers won tonight, avoiding elimination in a series that they are losing 1 to 3. The victory, unto itself, is a reason for joy and happiness in the MM household. Although I, and it seems, everyone in Madison Square Garden, came resigned to whatever the Rangers did, when victory approached, we were ready. The game is well recapped here, and I will highlight some of the interesting goings on in the stands themselves.

First, much to my surprise, there seems to be a new ending to the whistles of "Lets Go Band" that normally light up the upper sections of the garden. Instead of "Potvin Sucks," almost everyone has started to scream "Crosby Sucks!" Literally every time Sidney Crosby touched the puck, the Penguins captain was roundly booed. After the game, I learned from screaming fans in the halls that Sidney enjoyed certain sexual activities that can not be repeated in a family blog. He is a young man: these chants will be around a long time.

Larry was dancing, and the crowd, cowed by the garden, did not chant "homo Larry." I am happy that the faithful are not shouting it; Larry's somewhat spastic dancing is a great Garden tradition.

The balloons were back in their rightful place in sections 408 to 410.

Hopefully, I will be back on Monday to see the Rangers in game 6.

Lets Go Rangers!!!

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