Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rangers Lose to Devils in OT (Bad) But Dancing Larry is Back (OK to Good)

The playoffs opened up at MSG and I was there, along with most of the regulars in Section 314. It was a raucous crowd, and everyone was quite pumped. Red, white and blue balloons appeared from the 400's above us during the National Anthem. This happens every year, and only in our little corner. The Rangers came on strong, but were hampered by penalties (the chant "These Refs Suck!!" was a dominant theme of the evenings rooting) and eventually what appeared to be exhaustion.

On a better note, the brass at MSG let Larry back! He did do it during the second period and not the third, and they immediately showed a big warning that saying offensive stuff could get you booted out and possibly arrested, but let him they did. And there were fewer "homo Larry" chants than usual. I guess they learned from Potvin. On an even better note, Dancing Granny was no where in site.

Wednesday is a whole new opportunity to win. Just got to keep going.

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