Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diet Chery Chocolate Dr. Pepper: What Were They Thinking?

Sometime around Thanksgiving, the folks at Dr. Pepper introduced limited edition "Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper." And sometime in June, on a particuarly hot day, I found it at the market on 83rd and Amsterdam. Well, I've been on a diet recently, and despite the 6 pound weight loss (yea, 6!) I have been cranky, and decided to buy some. I have a thing for regular Diet Dr. Pepper, and figured this would be worth a try. Despite some positive reviews from other bloggers, and maybe because they stopped marketing the stuff in April (I didn't realize this, of course, when I was in the store), it tasted pretty terrible. There are two lessons here:

1) it is probably best not to combine chocolate and Nutrasweet given the choice. I say this based on some other products I have tried in the past.

2) By the time it makes a store in Manhattan, a "limited edition" can of soda probably has sat unsold in some midwestern warehouse for months; killing its flavor. Check the dates, people. I know I should have.

any other lessons can be left as a comment....

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