Monday, June 23, 2008

Sole Gran Queso: More Great Cheese From Wisconsin!

As stated time and time again, the summer is a peak cheese eating time in the MM household. The lovely wife is an excellent entertainer and party planner, and we are routinely serving 20 people at our house on a Saturday night. We have been able to experiment with the cheese's we have been buying for some time now, and I am always happy to report on the favorites.

Roth Kase, as noted previously, is the largest artisinal cheese maker in the United States.  While I know that "large" and "artisinal" do not always go together, I have been two for two on their cheeses that I have tried.  The latest is their Sole Gran Queso.  This heese, which is similar to a Manchego,  was really quite tasty with some red wine, some crackers, and, amazingly enough, a banana.  The lovely wife complimented it as well, and she a much tougher judge of cheese than I am.  As you can see from the photograph, its not overly expensive, either.  So, in these times of recession and poor exchange rates, think American!  Help support our nascent fine cheese industry!

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