Monday, July 28, 2008

Greetings From Naples, Maine: The Lakeside Dairy Bar

Ice cream in Maine.  Two great things that go great together.  And if you're in the Lake District, along route 302, its defintely worth your while to stop at The Lakeside Dairy Bar (on route 302 in Naples, telephone (207) 693-3090.  Its on your right side past the Marina as you drive from Portland).  The Lakeside Dairy Bar has all of the usual "Dairy Barn" style ice cream treats, only better.  There is a blizzard equivalent, which I had with soft serve vanilla and Andes Candies.  The lovely wife had cherry chip and coffee in a cup, both of which she enjoyed.  It was a long line, and we chatted with several people, many who have been coming back for years.  If you're in the Lake District for sleep away camp visiting weekend, its clearly worth a stop at the Lakeside Dairy Bar.

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