Sunday, July 06, 2008

Really Good Mexican Style Corn Condiment

I know I stole this recipe from somebody, but I can't remember who. Anyway, its really easy to make and you can now steal it from me! The general idea is to grill corn (although steamed or boiled works fine as well), and, prior to serving, slather this stuff on top of it. Three ingredients! You can do it.


Roth Kase Cojita Cheese (what is it about those folks in Wisconsin? I am really liking their products, which I have been buying at Zabars. ). You can also find the real thing in Mexican Supermarkets, but I have come to like our friends from Green Bay Country.
can of Habernero peppers

Shred the cheese and mix about 1:1 with mayonaise. Mush peppers with your hand and add to taste (they can be wicked hot, so add slowly). Slather on corn.

It was a great success last night.

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