Monday, September 08, 2008

Spore Rocks

Ok.  Usually I keep the electronic side of my life out of Male Martha.  The glazed over look the lovely wife gives me as I talk about the latest Onkyo receiver is a clue.  The angry glares I get from the "other" mothers (and some fathers, too) as I talk about Grand Theft Auto IV as a beautifully crafted piece of fiction and commercial art: well you get the idea.  My fortysomething inner geek usually stays hidden.

But not about Spore.  Spore is the coolest game ever, even if it will give certain vice presidential candidates fits about the primacy of evolution (although I guess that person would point out the "intelligent design" inherent in the game :).  In Spore, you start with a one celled organism, choose whether you will be a herbivore or an omnivore, and eat, eat eat!  You get to add body parts, and eventually evolve to a land based being.  That's about as far as I got, but you also go onto being a tribe, the dominant beings on your planet, and then space travelers.  You can backtrack from your mistakes, and dying is painless (you don't lose points or anything).    Its pretty easy to play, and definitely cool.  You can track your evolutionary progress (see my widget, above), and its fun to eat your friends!   I also like that its both PC and MAC compatible, allowing me to play it on my computer without the kids needing it to play Madden or something.  

Even those of you who don't like games should strongly consider this game for yourselves.  


nygirl said...

I never read this stuff and dont own a game but the Wall St Journal had a very interesting, in depth article saying brilliant as it is , it is a toy not a game. Meaning that in the higher levels there is no drama and challenge. Senior citizen as I am, and out of the loop, I was nevertheless amazed at the seriousness and attention of the reviewer. Can I try it? Enjoy!

Ira.B said...

the game is designed for everyone at the easier levels. I think, even at your "out of the demographic" age, would think its fun!


Lisa said...

did you see the creator's presentation at gadgetoff? I wanna play too - once we're finished playing the explode the stones video game.