Friday, October 10, 2008

A New Season For The Rangers: Finally Back in NY

Tomorrow the Rangers face off in Philadelphia, where Sarah Palin will drop the puck. I will say that that the lovely wife and her fellow hockey moms are not excited about this woman being one of them in anyway, and I am not to happy that the NHL is allowing a hockey game to be turned into a political arena. Lets keep the fighting where it belongs! Tonight, however, the Rangers came home and joined us here in NY after their trip to Prauge to encourage international interest and investment in the NHL. Again, the NHL seems to have impeccable timing.

This game, fortuantely, was an escape from this puffery. The Rangers looked good, and, the new Drury team was faster and more aggressive than last years Jagr team. Winning 4 to 2 didn't hurt, either. The team is now 3-0, which is pretty amazing.

It was fun to see that much of the gang in section 314 has returned. One guy's wife wouldn't let him return, and I am not sure about the people directly in front of me, but most of us survived the rather large jump in ticket prices and were there. It was also good to see Dancing Larry, although he may have been part of a fight late in the the third period. I sit right under him, so I couldn't tell if the fight was with him or around him: if anyone knows please post me a response.

Alas, the fries in the Garden still stink.

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