Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Ranger Pre-Season Game!

OK, its not the first preseason game. Its actually the fifth (of six) and the second of three at home. But it was the first game that I went too. It was the usual preseason crowd, which is to say a random collection of season ticket holders without much else to do, the few people who would take their tickets for free, and a lot of empty seats. The music was weak, there were plenty of Shanahan, Avery ( but no Jagr) Jerseys for sale despite the fact that they were no longer on the team. Only a few veterans suited up, and stars Gomez, Drury, Naslin and Lundqvist were no where to be seen. The experience is sort of like watching a minor league scrimage, but for real money. The only fun part was a great Colton Orr fight. I am so happy he is still on the team.

Still, it was fun to be back at MSG. When the world appears to be hitting the fan, I can't tell you how great it is to leave your cell phone at home (an accident, but I'm really glad it happened) and go to a game. Even a preseason tuneup. Win or lose, I am going to enjoy the upcoming season.

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