Friday, October 17, 2008

Rangers Go To 6 and 1: I find a new Felafel Place!

So I've gone to a lot of Ranger games recently. Some readers have told me that they don't love reading about the Rangers: they just want to hear about the food. Tonight, I have decided to combine my two passions into one evening.

First, the hockey. The game was great! The Rangers couldn't score, but certainly tried. Their power play needs work. But Steve Valiquette, the back-up goalie made 21 saves during 65 minutes of play, including a two minute power play during overtime where he was pounded. He then made two saves during the shootout, allowing the Rangers to win that 2-1 and the game 0(1)-0. It was exciting to watch, and I am always happy when the back up players save the team.

Now for the food. After the game we had to pick up boy 1 and we ended up at 71st and Amsterdam, near Pinkberry. We saw a new store called "Maoz Vegetarian." The lovely wife asked: its been there for about one month. Maoz sells Felafel, Salad, Belgian French Fries and drinks. You pay for a pita or salad bowl, which they fill with felafel balls, lettuce, and other toppings such as hummus for an extra price. You then get to fill the Felafel with things from a toppings bar. It reminded me of the felafel stand in Beer Sheva, although a much nicer and cleaner one than the one I remember from my youth. The felafel is good, the toppings were fresh, and the fries were OK. Its worth a quick bite if you are in the area and the thought of more Gray's Papaya makes you a bit green.

Maoz Vegetarian is located at 2047 Broadway (between 70th and 71 St.) 212-362-2622

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