Monday, October 27, 2008

Thai Food in the East Village

Monday's can be rather relaxing for me. Well, that's a total lie, but I sometimes finish an extremely stress filled day early. I was done by 2:30 PM today, and decided to head down to the East Village on the Vespa for something to eat. It was a beautiful day, and the ride down the FDR cleared my head from the stresses of the radio and procedures. As if drawn by some primal memory of my youth, I headed over to 6th Street and Second Avenue. The Indian restaurants are not what they used to be, and anyway, many of them were closed for lunch.

Spice Thai (1-4 Second Avenue, on the Northeast corner of 6th Street-->104 Second Ave, NY NY 10003--212-533-8900) has been around for a few months, but its part of a chainlet of three other Spices, Eat=, Peep and Sea (all of these are Thai or Thai based restaurants). Spice is inexpensive, hip looking (even by East Village standards. I don't know what we'd do if we saw something so cool on the Upper West Side), and has pretty good food. You sit either at a table, the bar, or low benches on long tables. I had Tum Yum Soup and a Pad Thai: both are a wee bit sweet but otherwise quite tasty. They have a complete Thai menu and feature a "tea bar." Service was fast.

I will remember the chainlet of Spice, Eat=, Peep and Sea and would certainly recommend it as a quick place to get a little Thai food if you are downtown.

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