Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rangers Win Yet Again: Seats Not Filled

There was another thrilling game tonight in Madison Square Garden. The Rangers beat the Atlanta Thrashers 3-2 in an exciting, hard fought game. Larry danced with about 4:18 left in the game; the crowds have reverted to giving him his usual cheer, which is not for family consumption. Potvin still sucks. But something felt much different from last year, when the Rangers had a terrible start.

That is the emptiness. Most of the row in front of us in section 314 were empty. More than a few seats were empty throughout the rink, indicating that the season ticket holder in question couldn't make the game or give the tickets away. This was not the case last year. Given that the Rangers are having the best early season that they have ever had, its not because the team isn't exciting to watch: its been some of the best hockey I have ever seen in the fall. I think its just a sign of the looming economy: the empty seat index if you will.

Which is a pity on so many levels. Although I have no pity at all for the people who run the Garden, I do feel that a team so good deserves an arena full of people to cheer for them.

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