Saturday, November 15, 2008

Greetings From Miami Beach: Nemos

The lovely wife and I had a brief, child free trip to Miami Beach... Thank you Lovely Mother and Father in Law!!!  And I love Miami!  So much so that I was having too good a time to write about it while we were there.. so here goes.

We ate at a variety of places.  One of my favorites was Nemo's, which is located at 100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305-532-4559).  We went on a Wednesday, and, like much of Miami Beach, it was pretty empty.  I was assured by everyone that I spoke with that, while it was maybe a bit slower than last year, that Miami Beach was NOT feeling the recession yet.  I will say that by Thursday, more people were strolling on Collins at night, although not in huge numbers.  The Victoria's Secret fashion show is being taped at the Fountainebleu this weekend, so it did seem that all of earth was descending as we were leaving.  .

Back to Nemo's.  First of all, although not usually a fan of "Martini Menus" Nemo's signature Martini is good for those of us who like an occasional "real" martini: it has a nice citrus flavor without being sweet.  We had the squid salad and mussels for appetizers.  The appetizers are expensive, but, compared to NYC, have twice as much food.  The Lovely Wife had two appetizers for her meal and it was more than enough!  I had the grouper for dinner, which I thought was quite tasty.  The lovely wife had the spicy Thai beef salad, which was also a winner.  We were too stuffed to eat dessert!  

My only concern was that, in a rather large restaurant with multiple rooms, there were only about 10 people eating.  This may be due to the "shoulder" nature of our trip and the fact that it was mid-week.  If you have eaten at Nemo's recently, please give a post as to how you thought the food was and whether anybody was there (or anywhere) in South Beach.

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