Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Omega Diner in North Brunswick NJ: On the Way to Princeton!

Actually, the Omega Diner, at 1337 Route 1 South, North Brunswick, NJ, 08902 (732- 745-2628) is on the way from Princeton, NJ, where boy # 2 had a hockey game at 7 AM (!) this morning. After surviving the game, we headed back to NY. Last year, after a non-game in Princeton (a long, ugly story), we stopped at the Omega Diner. It may have been the dissapointment of not having a game after a long drive, or the driving snow, but both boy #2 and I had quite fond memories of the food. So back we went, with five others. From a pure location point of view, its not bad if you are heading from Princeton to NY...its close enough but still beyond the heck that is traveling on route 1 back to the Turnpike. The place is huge, and, for a NJ diner, rather bright and airy. If you can sit on the left side as you walk in: its nicer looking.

The food is fine. Tons, and cheap, of course. I had eggs with bacon, the boy pancakes. Worked fine. Friends tried a "smoked salmon" omelette and a bagel (plain only, and clearly diner bagel and not bagel store bagel) with smoked salmon: this was a mistake. The home fries were fine, and the bacon plentiful and good. The service was good, and we were in and out of there in a timely manner. The only weird thing, and we blamed the economy, is that the place was less busy at 10 AM on a sunny Sunday than it was during the snow last December.

So, if life takes you away from Princeton, the Omega diner, while not the "end," is clearly fine. Just stick to the basics!

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