Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rangers Look Amazing Against Tampa Bay

A quick hockey note: Chris Drury got a hat trick, the Rangers beat Tampa Bay 5-2, and there was a goalie fight. A great game...that was enjoyed by few people.

I stopped for a quick slice of pizza before heading into the garden (a nameless, joyless place on 7th Avenue not worthy of mention) and as I walked North to the Garden I saw scalpers desperately trying to unload tickets at half price. The seats in front of me, and to the left of me, were empty. The purples were 2/3 filled at most (and all of these seats were sold as season tickets). And the Rangers are in first place! Its weird, and I assume a sign of the times.

As for the game itself, it was great. No Larry this time, just Granny. When she finished her little dance, the members of 314 and sections near us shouted "We Want Larry" at the top of our lungs to no avail.

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