Saturday, November 01, 2008

Giant Slices of Pizza in Morningside Heights

At this time of year, my life revolves around hockey: both professional and children's. Today was no exception, as I had to go to Lasker Rink for practice. Fortunately, the weather has been great and after practice boy 1, boy 2 and I walked from Malcolm X Blvd all the way to Broadway. We originally thought of getting actual brunch, but decided to go for the extra large slices at Koronet Pizza (2848 Broadway, New York, NY 10025, (212) 222-1566). Koronet is the home of the incredibly large slice of pizza (see photo, with can and 12 year old boy as a guide) . The slice itself is fine; it more about the two slice equivelent for $3.50 (the price has been creeping up). The pizza itself is of the "not bad" variety: a tasty crust but the sauce is somewhat tasteless. The cheese is fine. Some other blogger thought it was one of the best two slices in NY: I am not sure I agree but it was a lot better than a comedically sized pie should be.

So, if you are hungry and in Morningside Heights, you might want to consider Coronet. I still like V and T better, but this place is clearly faster, cheaper and isn't bad.

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