Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sammy's(Sami) Restaurant in Jerusalem: "That Place is Good"

Aha. Back. I have some catching up to do. Its been a bit crazy the past few days, and then I went to Jordan sans computer. Thankfully I am back, sunning in the beach at Eilat, and trying to write about some of the things that I ate.

We seem to have spent most of this trip eating Schwarma or falafel, and I thought I would write about the place that I enjoyed the most of this list (although I really didn’t have a bad one, and have discovered a new, if fattening, taste for laffah, the large flat bread that these products are rolled instead of the smaller, healthier pita.

Sammy’s in Jerusalem is located right near the Mahane Yehuda Market. It is kosher. Sammy’s, which half looks like it belongs in Jerusalem and half in the old Lower East Side, has a full menu of falafel, schwarma, schnitzel and chicken liver. But they also have “baby chicken,” which I think is Cornish hen, as well as goose liver, which is foie (except that is served in bulk on a plate). All is good. The mezze are excellent as well. I even liked the kebob’s, which I have usually find somewhat dry in Israel. The only weak spot is the chips, which are soggy fries at best.

So, even if you’ve never wondered why people prefer hamburgers to schwarma, its worth trying out Sammy’s in Jerusalem. A worthwhile trip!

addendum: clearly i mispelled Sami's name as Sammy.  My bad.  I wondered why I couldn't get the address and phone number in this most connected it is.
Agrippas St. 8
Machane Yehuda/Nachlaot
Sunday to Thursday, 11:00 to 2:00

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