Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chakra: Another Winner in Jerusalem

Another good meal in Jerusalem! After a horrific meal on Friday night (the King David's Shabbat meal was clearly created by anti-semites), we were all looking forward to Saturday's dinner. And, more than not dissapointing, the meal at Chakra (41 King George Street, Jerusalem, IL (02-6252733) was excellent and worth a trip back.

Before we even made it to the restaurant, the lovely mother-in-law had preordered the seasonal tasting menu for us. This menu is large enough so that we were truly able to taste everything on the menu. The whole menu was good, and there were several standouts. These included the fried calamari (once you get over the shock, quite good), the fried shrimp (ditto), and the garlic shrimp (double-ditto). A grilled egglpant with Tehini was exceptional. A cerviche of drum fish was quite good. The antipasti (Israeli, naturally) were all quite fresh and good. The kebob was fine. About the only thing that all of us thought was weak was the enterocote of beef, which was variably cooked and not particuarly tasty. It was the last thing served, and we were all full already. Leaving it off the menu would have been a better idea.

If I was ordering off the menu, I would stick to the fish and vegetable won't go wrong.

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