Friday, March 13, 2009

Greetings From Israel: Cavalier Restaurant, Jerusalem

Greetings!  Its Friday morning here as I type away, reasonably not jet lagged for my first full day here.  Last night we took a walk from our hotel to the Cavalier Restaurant, which is located at 1 Ben-Sira Street, Jerusalem (02/624-2945). I admit to being a little worried at first, as it was billed as a "French" restaurant and the last thing that I wanted after a 10 hour flight was fancy French Food with Two Children. I should not have been worried. The place, although very attractive as a place to eat, was not precious in any way and we were quite comfortable eating there with our well behaved (and, yes they were) children. The food was surprisingly good as well.

Stand-outs amongst the appetizers included a shaved artichoke dish (pictured), goose-foie (which was extremely good), and a tuna-carpaccio with sesame seeds and soy.  Salads were good if you are in a healthy feeling mode.

As for dishes, I really liked the drum fish, although it is quite dense.  The lamb chops were good, as was the lamb and cous-cous.  The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the pounded veal, which tasted a bit too much like schniztel for my liking.  Desserts were also good also, particularly the tarte-tatin.  And Israeli wine in Israel, so far, is good!


Anonymous said...

Isreal, wow, fantastic. Have an amazing time. I'm sure it will be a trip you'll never forget. Hope Sandy puts some pics on FB :-). Oh and the artichoke dish sounds lovely. Maybe you can recreate it when you're back (and give us all the recipe?)

Lots of love!!

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