Saturday, October 21, 2006

Failure on Fruit Become Success on Ice Cream

Earlier this week, I tried to make caramel apples, using a recipe from Gourmet Magazine. It was an abject disaster. However, there was a large amount of caramel left over, which I placed in a greased bowl in the refrigerator and covered with plastic wrap. Salvage of this golden goo was attempted and I am happy to report that it was a success. We heated the caramel in a double boiler and it made an excellent topping for ice cream. The caramel kept well in the fridge and was just soft enough to easily spoon into the double boiler. I am not sure it would freeze well, but the caramel would definitely last quite a while covered in the fridge. After heating and remelting it loses its shape and needs to be thrown out.

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