Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Korean Food After the Rangers: Kom Tang Soot

After the Rangers excellent victory over the hated Islanders Monday night, the lovely wife, our East side friends and I headed out to dinner. As regular readers know, the lovely wife and I like Korean food before and after games: its delicious and served quickly. And although it was freezing Monday, we headed off to 32nd street.

The only requirement for a meal that night was that we all wanted to bar-b-que at the table. And heat, of course. We found what we were looking for at Kom Tang Soot (it has various other names as well, but this one works), which is located at 32 W 32nd Street (212-947-9482). KTS, as I will now call it, is the last bar-b-que restaurant on 32nd Street to still use charcoal, as opposed to gas. Kang Suh, a favorite of our London friends, used to have charcoal but seems to have dropped it in recent years. Its open 24 hours, so its good after clubbing too (one day, the lovely wife and I may decide to club, and its good to have options.)

The thing to eat at KTS are short ribs. Well marinated and grilled on the coals and wood, they have a great smoky flavor that is not to be missed. We tried the sirloin, which was good, but nowhere near the level of the short ribs, which are sublime. It is my personal opinion that chicken, squid, pork, etc. are not worth the time and effort of Korean bar-b-que. So we didn't get any of those. But who am I to judge. Do what you like.

Sorry about that. Getting back to it, the kimchi is OK, but there is better. It was also a bit on the skimpy side. Bibimbab was tasty and will be reordered. We had the Mandoo Kuk, which is Korean dumpling soup, which I found a refreshing dish on a cold night full of spicy food. Its $11, but there was more than enough for four of us.

All in all, a great Post-Ranger place. Try to sit upstairs at the big window. Its always fun to see whats happening on 32nd Street.

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Robin said...

I have been and this is a great place! amazing lunch specials, too.

Ira.B said...

We'll find out during a day game!