Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Things To Do Around MSG: Pinkberry

First, a bit of truth. We didn't go to Pinkberry after a Rangers game. We actually went while waiting to pick up the boys at a NY Titans Professional Indoor Lacrosse Game. As a side note, the captain of the Titans should have given boy #2 an autograph: it would have saved me a lot of grief and I may have actually bought tickets in the future. But enough on that.

While we were waiting, the lovely wife and I got in the long line at Pinkberry, the tart frozen yogurt sensation from Los Angeles. There are now three of them in New York as well. Of course we went to the one near the Garden, in Korea Town, on 32nd Street between 5th and Broadway.

The first thing the lovely wife and I noticed was the crowd. The line literally reached out the door, and we were noticeable both because of our age (everyone else looked like they couldn't buy a drink legally) and because we weren't Korean or of Korean ancestry. Like many other customers, we were on a date. I snagged one of the few plastic seats and tables while the lovely wife waited on line. The line moved, and we got our yogurt within 15 minutes.

Pinkberry has only two flavors of yogurt, green tea and plain. There are three sizes of cups. We, like many other couples, split a large one. Like everyone else, we went for the plain yogurt. You get to choose a wide variety of toppings, including such things as fruit, Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch (see photo), which many reviewers have made a big deal of. These reviewers clearly do not have children at home; otherwise they would realize that Captain Crunch is a condiment almost as useful as ketchup.

The lovely wife really liked Pinkberry. As others have noted, the yogurt is tart, and reminded me of authentic Greek yogurt. I liked Pinkberry as well, although it needed Captain Crunch to make it sweet enough for me to enjoy.

After an event at MSG, I would strongly consider going to Pinkberry for dessert. I'm not sure the kids would like it much, however, and I would only go with adults.


food lover said...

My family and i were at MSG checking out a hockey game and decided to dabble in some Pinkberry after and it wasn't bad.
Earlier this year we were up in Toronto to see the Rangers play the Leafs and tried some froyo at a chain store there called Yogen Fruz. It was even better than Pinkberry or Tasti D. Gotta try that Yogen Fruz again.

Lisa said...

Has anyone noticed that the New York Times seems to be as BBQ obsessed as a certain pork loving gastroenterologist and his hungry hanger onners? There seems to be a list on page F6 that needs serious re-research. Additionally, that fried fish in batter sounds pretty darn good too. I would like to order that with a side of fries. Thank you.

Ira.B said...

Food Lover:
I will be in Toronto for a meeting in April and will try to seek out Yogen Fruz.

Remember, that same guilty gene that runs male martha runs the Times. Its actually a convergence of the old and new media!

labkid32 said...

Speaking of sweet ... I am reaching out to for help Male Martha.

Please - consider helping me ... my kids love brick cookies (that's what they call them anyhow) you know the multi-layer (yellow, pink, green) cake-like cookie thing with chocolate on top and bottom and I guess some sort of thin layers of jelly or jam mixed in there ... I don't like them much (we are thankful for the little things) ... but I have found them to be outrageously expensive, given what they are.

So my plight is ... do you have any thoughts on how to make our own? Or do you know somewhere to get them for less ... or better yet can you introduce them to something better tasting and easier/cheaper to find and/or make.

Oh - and My little charmers are currently obsessed with making their own Jamba Juice (and they do it quite well - perhaps worth a visit by Male Martha for a taste test)--- at the very least you must bring your charmers over before/after hockey this weekend maybe(?) so they can partake in the experience and of course time with the creature.

Ira.B said...

I will think deeply about these cookies and will have something to say later. I think they suck, too, but the challenge has been made.


Kay Adler said...

Give the green tea a try, I thought it far superior to the plain and skipped all the toppings although The Cap'n is a tasty treat!