Monday, March 05, 2007

Rangers Beat Islanders: World a Better Place

Although the Islanders still got a point, the Rangers managed to pick up two when they beat the Islander's in a shootout tonight. The single goal wasn't because the Rangers weren't firing on net. In fact, at the end of regulation the Islander's Goalie, Dipietro, had managed to stop 54 of 55 shots on goal and he stopped two more at the end of overtime. This was a personal best for him. Lundqvist was no slouch either, stopping 29 of 30 shots. The one-one tie led to the shootout, where both goaltenders were again superb. Lundqvist stopped all three Islander shooters. Fortunately , Matt Cullen managed to score against Dipietro, and the official final score was 2-1 Rangers! I went to dinner at Kom Tang Soot with the lovely wife and some of our East Side friends happy. More on Kom Tang Soot soon.

Currently the Rangers are in 10th place. They have 16 games left to play and are currently two points away from eighth place Carolina. Dare I dream that they could make the playoffs? Well a boy can dream, and tonight I will. If the Rangers manage to beat the Islander's Thursday at Nassau Colosseum then I shall dream some more. And root against Carolina, of course.