Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rangers Lose in Shoot Out: May As Well Shoot My Heart Out

Prior to tonights game, I met one of the people I was going to the game with at the Blarney Stone. I fortified myself with Guiness (excellent), chicken wings (always surprisingly good) and fish and chips (new on the menu but straight from the freezer). I should have finished that second beer. The Rangers, as has become almost the norm for when I go to games, started the third period with a 2 to nothing lead, which they promptly lost on boneheaded defense and bit of a bonehead play by Lundqvist. Although they scored a third goal, the Penguins tied it in the final seconds of a power play. This led to an overtime, and finally to the shootout, where the Rangers managed to score zero goals and Sidney Crosby managed to score one. Which kind of ends this tale of the Rangers getting beaten at the Garden. Stay tuned for Monday. Saturday I have a Bar Mitzvah to go to and can avoid the game.


badMDoutter said...

When should the suicidew watch begin?

Ira.B said...

Well, maybe my seats will improve next year!