Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oldani's "Filsette Salame"

I finally made it to Rafetto's on Friday. Although I have not had time to eat the many different kinds of ravioli that I bought, I was able to try the salame: Oldani's Filsette Salame from St. Louis. Oldani's itself is located on Edwards Street in the Italian Hill Section of St. Louis. In any case, the sausage is a perfect fit for a place like Rafetto's: it is a natural casing pork sausage with a natural, moldy rind. The sausage is hung to dry in a string basket.

Oldman's Filsette salami is a very mild, minimally acidic salame. In many ways, it tastes similar to Salme Di Felino from Parma. It is somewhat more garlicky, which I like, but tastes a little less like "fresh" pork. It tastes distinctly different from soprasotta/soprasetta and makes an excellent counterpoint to these much sharper salamis on a plate. All in all, Oldman's Filsette is an excellent salami. It is a very tasty salami, all in all. I have not seen it for sale anywhere else in New York (but I could be wrong), but it was for sale on the web, although for $12 more than the $8 I paid for it.

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