Monday, June 18, 2007

Rafetto's Mushroom Ravioli and Pesto Sauce

More positive news on the Rafetto's front. After reviewing their excellent walnut and gorgonzola ravioli, I felt compelled to try any new flavors I could get my hands on without hiking down to 144 West Houston Street. So when Zabar's had a box of Mushroom with Whole Wheat Dough Jumbo Ravioli, I jumped on it. I also bought Rafetto's brand pesto sauce, which is sold in the refrigerator section. I was not misktaken on either account. The ravioli are superb, and I am not a fan of whole wheat anything. The filling is distinctly mushroom flavored, with just enough cheese and garlic to not make it overpowering.

More impressive was the pesto. In general, I have been unhappy with tub or jar pesto. This pesto was different. You could taste that it was made with pure olive oil, and not a mix of olive and vegetable oils. There are ample Parmesan cheese and pine nuts, too. It may have been the best store bought pesto I have ever had. It costs a little bit more, but not much, and is clearly worth it.

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