Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pickled Okra: Improve Your Barbecue!

Although I am usually a do it your self kind of person in the kitchen, there are times when a little help from my friends in industry helps. And okra pickles is one of those situations. Although there are numerous recipes available online, they usually require some serious pickling time. Not to mention canning equipment etc. For a New York Yankee (not the baseball kind), its just not worth it.

Okra pickles are a great condiment. They taste enough like a regular pickle that your guests will eat it (as opposed to say, pickled sow's ear). But they are different enough that you can really change the flavor of a barbecue, even if you are just serving burgers. Speaking of which, they are not bad cut up and placed on a burger as a condiment.

Enter our friends at Talk O' Texas. These guys make good pickled okra. Their pickling process turns the okra into a crunchy, dill, crudite with no chemical aftertaste like you often get with jarred pickles. The overall flavor and mouth feel is similar to a traditional dill pickle, but different enough that it transports you out of New York City and towards the South.

Talk O' Texas pickled okra is available in both mild and hot flavors. I preferred the mild, as I felt the hot was too spicy to consume in any quantity. It is available at specialty store, and online. Their website also has an 800 number ((800) 749-6572) that you can call to find local retailers.

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