Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two Cheeses To Avoid

So much cheese, so little time. Although I usually try to post about the cheeses I have enjoyed, I also feel obligated to tell you about cheese that I don't think is worth a second purchase. I am going to tell you about two such cheeses today. They are not terrible: we ate them both. But, given the wide range of cheese available, you can do better.

The first is Cabecou Perigord, a button sized fresh piece of goat cheese. This being the United States, it is pasteurized. Cabecou cheese itself is always a small disk. Perigord is the cooperative of French farmers that produces this cheese. They actually have a very nice web site, which is in French but can be translated reasonably well with Google. Although the cheese is not bad, it really offers little more than its attractive smallness as a reason to buy it.

The second is an aged, raw goat called "Montrachet" from Sarl Beillavaire, a cooperative located in the Loire Valley. Although a beautiful piece of cheese, wrapped in a leaf with an attractive rind, the cheese tasted more like paste than anything else. Not bad paste, just paste. I am going to try and seek out an equally attractive piece of cheese that has some flavor.

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