Saturday, August 04, 2007

Berkswell Cheese From Neal's Yard Dairy. Expensive But Good

I first became conscious of Neal's Yard Dairy when we were in London in January, although we did not visit their store as we went to the closer to where we were staying La Fromagerie. In addition to selling cheese in England, Neal's Yard Dairy is a company in London that finds and distributes farm-made and artisinal cheeses from Great Britain. One cheese that they distribute here is Berskwell Cheese, which I found at Zabar's. Berkswell is produced by the Ram Hall Dairy farm, which has been making cheese since 1989 and exporting it to the US for the past 10 years.

Berkswell cheese is an aged sheep's milk cheese. It is made with vegetarian rennet. The rind is thick and quite pitted, but tasty. The cheese itself is a very smooth sheep, without the crumbliness you often find in others such as Manchego. The rind is edible and tasty. It really is a rather exceptional piece of cheese. Which is good. Because it really had a rather exceptional price. Now, having recently been in London, where a trip to Subway can run $15, I am not surprised. But I would save this one for people who really love cheese or for yourself. They will cut you a small piece if you ask.

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Robin said...

This cheese is addictive, and another example of why the extra you will pay for artisanal cheese is worth it (at least most of the time.)