Monday, August 06, 2007

Beware of Cheese in Leaves!!!

Although this may be an absolute generalization, I am officially coming out against cheeses that are wrapped in leaves. After last weeks drubbing of Sarl Beillavaire "Montrachet", the lovely wife purchased an attractive looking cheese named La Rossa. This soft cheese, from Italy, is covered in Brandy soaked cherry leaves, and looked great. Its when you unwrap the leaves that the problems start happening.

The cheese has a yellow and white striped soft rind. It is aged 30 days and is made from a combination of cow and sheep's milk. After I removed the leaves, I couldn't decide if the actual cheese was attractive or not. Sometimes I thought it looked pretty (it sort of does in the photo), but at other times I thought it looked a little like fish skin. The cheese itself does not taste bad; in fact it does not taste like much of anything. It's sort of like cream cheese. With leaves.

If anyone knows any leaf wrapped cheeses that they like, please post and let me know!

PS: Some people really liked this cheese. You can look here for an alternate point of view.

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Robin said...

As usual, MaleMartha speaks the unwrapped truth. This cheese was a soggy downer.