Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rangers Opening Night Victory

For those of you who don't love hockey: sorry. Its back. And its great.

Section 314 was rocking as the regulars returned for another (hopefully) glorious season of hockey. Although the first two periods were a little sketchy, the Rangers exploded for four goals in the third period, and the final score was 5-2. Chris Drury gave us a pretty strong hint that he was well worth signing, scoring a goal and gathering two assists. Jagr had four assists. Prucha scored a goal, as did Rozsival, Callahan and Straka all scored as well.

Now my worries. I am still worried that the Rangers are weak defensively, but was somewhat impressed with Mark Staal, although one of my friends noted that he was a bit of a puck hog. Hopefully, he will learn.

Finally, while the new Madison Square Garden Scoreboard is clearly an improvement over its old Soviet Technology, it would be nice if they listed the penalty that the player had, and not just the time left in the power play. The sound system still stinks, and you can never hear the referee clearly in section 314.

Finally, my condolences to Yankee fans. Many of us were following the games on our cell phones. For an especially emotional and enjoyable diatribe, check out Yanksgal.


Kay Adler said...

Thank You Male Martha, Yanksgal is blue but Yanks will rally and if not there are always the Rangers!

Ira.B said...

Thanks Kate.

It was painful to watch last night.