Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rangers Beat Penguins, Lundqvist Notches 100th Win!

Its been a long week without local hockey. I've been unable to make games and the Rangers have been on a long road trip. Finally, the moon, the stars and the sun aligned, and I was able to make it to a game with boy 1, boy 2, and my father (I am thinking of a name for him for this blog. I am not sure Big Martha works too well, so I'll keep thinking). After a dramatic series of wins, the Rangers had just come off two ugly losses in Florida and needed to win in the tight Eastern Conference playoff race. I had survived my morning radio show job talking about hangovers and healthy pub crawls, and I needed to see the Rangers win big and bash heads.

I was not disappointed. The Penguins were playing hard, but without Sidney Crosby. Their goalie gave up numerous rebounds when stopping a shot, and the Rangers played like they needed that win. Sean Avery had two goals and Ryan Callahan, Martin Straka, and the new forward, Fredrik Sjostrom, had one on a steal. Although Lundqvist gave up two goals quickly in the second period, he generally looked sharp and had 22 saves on 24 shots. In addition to the two goals, Avery clearly got under the skin of the Penguins, generally making them more pissed guys than determined players. It was beautiful to watch.

Its all about making the playoffs and making them convincingly now. There are nine games left before that: lets go!

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