Friday, May 02, 2008

Old Homestead Spicy Ketchup: Not Bad

While I was buying steak for dinner two days ago, I picked up some Peter Luger's sauce, which is a family favorite. Next to it, I saw Old Homestead Brand Spicy Ketchup, from the venerable steakhouse on 9th Avenue and 14th Street. I've never actually been there, but figured if they sell spicy ketchup, then I should try it. So I did. And, while I really like Luger's sauce, this one is really good. Like real ketchup, only a little waterier (in a good way) and with a bit, but not much of a kick. Boys 1 and 2 liked it as well, but again, not as much as Lugers. However, for an interesting change, it is one of the better house brands I have tasted.


Lisa said...

And yet, Heinz is still better than any of them.

Ira.B said...