Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is it Legal? I Don't Know. But Salame Di Felino is Good

Our friends from London are in. And when they come, sausage from Italy follows. Now, I can't explain why they bring good Italian sausages, and not, say, bangers from Ireland, but I do have some ideas. One of the better types of Italian sausages, which is not easy to get in the US because it may be considered raw meat by the FDA, is salame di Felino, a pure pork sausage from Italy. The one gross thing about this salame is that the casing is traditionally pork rectum, which, being thick, allows for a softer, better tasting meat. It helps not to think to much when you eat one. The sausages consist of nothing but pork, salt, and potassium nitrite.

This particular sausage is from Salumeria Angelo Mangili, which is located in Bergamo, a Northern Italian town that has gotten more popular with Brits because Ryan Air's "Milan" flight lands somewhere near there. The place is located at VIA GOMBITO 8 ,24129 BERGAMO (BG), Telephone +39.035.248774, E-mail: Its clearly a place to stop if you are doing a cheap weekend excursion with a Brit.

We have had several Salame di felino over the past few years. The one that we received from our friends is a Ditta Cav. Umberto Boschi-Felino: quite tasty. If you can get over the rectum part, its rather tasty.

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