Friday, July 25, 2008

Treat Truck Lands on Broadway and 83rd Street in NY

I was passing by the Barnes and Nobles at 83rd and Broadway when I noticed "The Treat Truck," which labels itself as "Not Too Fancy, Always Delicious." They have a website as well, which features their menu as well as where they are going to be on any given day. The menu consists of cookies and brownies. Gotta like that!

I have to admit being a bit sad that the Treat Truck was not going to be a regular in the neighborhood, but rather a wanderer throughout New York City. Having said that, the Upper West Side was not on the list, so keep looking and maybe they'll come back. There is nothing quite as good as a fresh baked cookie from a truck! I had the peanut butter sandwich cookie and also a caramel cream sandwich cookie. Both were good. If you see the truck back here, leave me a post!

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