Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alexander's Cafe in the South Bronx

I was in the South Bronx for two days last week for my motorcycle safety course, which I highly recommend for scooter riders as well. Even though you practice on a regular motorcycle, the techniques you learn are extremely helpful and clearly not taught during "riding lessons" in preparation for the NYS DMV license. The course was located in the Bronx on the Harlem River between the Willis Avenue and Third Avenue Bridges, which, for those of you who don't know, is where "Bonfire of the Vanities" begins its tale. So when I went out for lunch I was shocked to discover, that in addition to a McDonalds and a bodega with lots of plexiglass (which actually sold prescription asthma medications right behind the counter!) that there was Alexander's Cafe, which was located at 129 Alexander Avenue in el Bronx, right off the Willis Avenue Bridge.

Alexander's is a pleasant looking place with a good breakfast and lunch menu, as well as all you can eat buffet lunch. They also serve dinner. They sell quite a variety of fish dishes. Since I was at a course and had to eat quickly, I had a chicken panini and a burger during my two lunches there: both were quite good. Other people I was with had a variety of breakfast foods, all of which looked good, as well as wraps, which I guess would appeal to people who like wraps (who are you people?) My only issue with the place is that its a bit pricey for the neighborhood, which is still a little ways off from gentrification.

If your travels take you to the South Bronx, or if you are going to take the MSS motorcycle safety course in the Bronx, stop in for lunch. Its also worth going if you want to tell people you ate in the South Bronx (and its 10 minutes from the Upper East Side by Car!). But the real reason to know about Alexander's Cafe is to be happy that good food is really getting to all parts of New York.

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