Saturday, November 29, 2008

JB's Barbeque in Brewster: The Best Barbeque I Have Eaten in NY State

Do not be fooled by the ugly picture of JBs Bar-B-Q above. JBs is located at 3867 Danbury Road in Brewster, NY 10509 (845-278-3600), about 5o miles from New York City. Its worth the journey. I am not saying this lightly: this place has great barbecue. Although the usual yenta's at Chowhound seemed to like some other places in the area, and I will be sure to try them when I get back to Brewster (which thanks to the great world of youth hockey, I will), JBs has almost everything one could want in a barbecue place: great ribs, pulled pork and brisket. The brisket, a combination of first and second cut, was the most tender I have had outside of Texas. Well smoked, it, like all of meats that I had, is served smothered with barbecue sauce. The pork is sweet, but not cloyingly so. And the ribs were literally gadempt, not usually a word associated with pork. Sides were OK, with excellent fries and good collard greens. I would avoid the Mac and Cheese. They also sell fried chicken, which we did not partake of this time.

A big surprise was dessert. We had apple cobbler, which was good. But the banana pudding (a special?) was divine: the single best banana pudding I have ever had. I don't even like the stuff and I wanted more.

The only thing I would do diffrently next time is to not get the meat smothered with sauce: its good, but the somewhat different sauce they put on the table, which is much less tomatoey, is better. Oh, and its inexpensive, too.

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Robin said...

Let us know the date of the next game! You know that we would schlep anywhere to watch your children whack hockey pucks, but this sounds like we might get to replace our frozen kishkas with some nice warm pork.

Ira.B said...

Its coming....february 7th to be exact....

Kent said...

"gadempt"? Do I need to get out my Yiddish dictionary? I just googled it, and Male Martha was one of only two citations (the other was in German) in the entire internet universe. I guess I can learn something new every day - or so it seems.

Ira.B said...

gedempt may be correct spelling.

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