Sunday, March 08, 2009

Avery is Back and So Am I!

OK, hiatus is over. The winter is over, and no matter what hits us economically in the next year or so, its time to be positive and to think about the things that matter most: food and hockey (yeah family, too, but that's someone elses blog). So Male Martha will Reboot and restart. Anyway, I have a big trip planned and I may as well blog about the food! But back to hockey.

The Rangers, as anyone who has been vaguely aware of hockey knows, have been falling apart. Solution: fire coach, get some last minute trades, and of course, bring back the man hated by everyone in hockey. But clearly loved (and energized) by every one in NYC: Sean Avery. He had his first home game today, and we were there to witness it. Even though it was "family day," the crowd was raucous and happy every time Avery hit the ice. The Rangers clearly needed this lift, and so did the fans. And of course, the Rangers beat the Bruins is getting better indeed.

For the Record: Yes Larry, no Granny, no cotton eye joe.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I was beginning to go through withdrawal. Hope you had a nice hiatus but don't do that again ;-).