Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Like 5 Guys Burger!

Yeah, I know the President of the United States went out and got his staff lunch there. But that's not how I ended up there the first time. We were actually in Connecticut, buying a national debt's worth of hockey equipment for the children and I was tired and hungry. We saw a sign for "5 Guys" and I actually thought it was going to be a diner. Because, in NY, everything with "Guys" in it inevitably is. So I was surprised when I walked in and in fact was in a fast food burger joint. But we were hungry, it was quick, and we ate. And I liked it. The fries were quite tasty, and the burger (a standard burger has two patties and the "junior" a mere one) was good. They also have hot dogs. There is nothing else on the menu: no shakes, no salad, no chicken, no vegetarian: there are in fact more guys than menu items. For a little extra, you can add bacon, cheese or of course, bacon and cheese. For free, you can have mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, etc. etc. There are free peanuts while you wait. The burger does not sit around awaiting your arrival: it is cooked to order.

There are currently three 5 Guys in Manhattan and one more is slated to open at 690 3rd Avenue. Today, after a hockey game, I was in the one in Long Beach, NY (on W Park Avenue). It was good, too!

I think 5 Guys is the best chain burger I have eaten in a long time. The fries are superior to any other quick food restaurant I have eaten at (including the Parker Meridien, although Boy #1 disagrees with me). Its not 5 Napkin Burger (no relation, but review to come), but it really is a place to go if you need a burger out of town.


Lolita said...

I've been to the 5 Guys on Bleecker and 7th Avenue South a few times. Really yummy!

Unknown said...

I am with you on Burger Joint fries. Come to think of it, shakes no great shakes there either.